2021 CHP Annual Report
2021 中華紙漿年度年報

CL.—Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation
AD.—Yu-Shu Chien
C.—Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation
I.—Hanna Chen
D.—Yu-Shu Chien
Since 2021, CHP has been actively transforming by diversifying the application of existing materials. Sludge generated from the pulping process and leftover wood chips can be further processed into new applications, including asphalt, landscaping, and agricultural improvement. In addition to the existing paper products, the Taoyuan Guanyin plant began operations in July 2021 and new pulp plastic production lines of the Hualien plant began operations in August 2021. With the rise of environmental awareness, CHP will continue to strengthen the CircuWell non-plastic food-safety paper products and utilize the advantages of pulping to produce circular products, focusing on a circular economy as the development core. We also plan to gradually transform the production portfolio from paper stationery products to industrial-use special materials to meet the diverse demands of the packaging, food, and electronics industry. Industrialized countries have greater demands for multi-use special purpose paper products, and the emerging new market also have stronger demands day by day. These are the source for sales value growth.

Looking ahead to 2022, we will continue to improve the quality of our products, strengthen the hold on raw materials and product supply stability, as well as expand the applications of our products and improve local services. In response to the Corporation’s ESG practices and the trend of developing green supply chains, CHP will use its 50-year power generation technology to expand investment in renewable energy products. We plan to strengthen existing biofuel, methane and solar energy, and develop next-generation energy applications to realize a new circular economy blueprint and achieve carbon neutrality.



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