2022 CHP Sustainability Report
2022 中華紙漿永續報告書

CL.—Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation
AD.—Yu-Shu Chien
C.—Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation
I.—Hanna Chen
D.—Jui-Yu Hsiao, Yu-Shu Chien
P.—Lee-Juan Show
This is the 9th Sustainability Report of Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CHP”) For years, CHP has fully adhered to the principles of ESG (Environmental: being environmentally friendly & promoting circular economy; Social: employee well-being and co prosperity with the environment; Governance: integrity and fairness) and steered toward achieving sustainability with carbon neutrality as the final goal. This report describes in detail the ESG-related efforts and achievements of CHP. We hope that the Sustainability Report enables all our stakeholders to better understand and build greater trust in our performance and practices in ESG and sustainability.

A Promise to Nature
Forests are abundant and diverse natural resources that play a crucial ecological role in stabilizing the climate, purifying and conserving water sources, and providing habitats for humans, animals, and plants. CHP is committed to promoting sustainable forest management, utilizing biomass materials to develop green energy, green production, and green products. Simultaneously, our company is dedicated to conserving biodiversity, emphasizing soil and water conservation, and regulating forest carbon balance, allowing for a harmonious coexistence of economic development and environmental friendliness.

第9本永續報告書。華紙長年以實際行動全面貫徹E(Environmental/環境友好 & 循環經濟)、S(Social/兼顧員工福利並與周邊環境共融)及G(Governance/堅守誠信、公平)之ESG理念,並以碳中和為主軸,朝永續之路向前邁進。本報告書中詳實呈現華紙實踐ESG理念之努力與成果,讓關心我們的各界利害關係人,能對我們投入於ESG永續發展的績效成果更加瞭解與信任。


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