2024 Taiwan Sustainable Investment Forum 

CL.—Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
AD.—Yu-Shu Chien
C.—Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
D.—Yu-Hsin Chan
P.—Steve Tsai
In light of the intensifying climate change in recent years, the financial industry is facing an accelerated transition to a low-carbon, resilient, and inclusive economy. Furthermore, the United Nations is promoting sustainable investment finance and encouraging global efforts to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Therefore, the United Nations' initiatives and frameworks emphasize that integrating sustainability into financial decision-making is an urgent matter, and sustainable investment has become an important trend in global development.

In response to current international trends, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) is organizing the 4th Taiwan SIF (Taiwan Sustainable Investment Forum) to provide a platform for the government, enterprises, academia, and society to share best practices and explore innovative solutions. We believe that through cross-border cooperation at this forum, we can jointly promote the development of sustainable investment, encourage the Taiwanese financial industry to play a market role in achieving the common prosperity of economy, society, and environment, guide enterprises and investors to attach importance to ESG issues, and promote a positive cycle of triple win among investment, industry, and social environment.


台灣永續能源研究基金會 (TAISE)依據當前國際趨勢特辦理第四屆「Taiwan SIF台灣永續投資論壇」(Taiwan Sustainable Investment Forum)旨在為政府、企業、學術界和社會提供共享最佳實踐探討創新解決方案的平台。相信透過本次論壇跨界合作,共同努力推動永續投資發展,鼓勵我國金融業發揮市場力量,實現經濟、社會和環境的共同繁榮,引導企業及投資人重視ESG議題,促成投資、產業與社會環境三贏的正向循環。

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