Chichen Kai-Li

AD.—Yu-Shu Chien
D.—Red Chen, Yu-Shu Chien
P.—Chuan-Shun Huang, Cheng-Rung Tsai
Chichen Kai-Li company is a professional company mainly manufacturing Key Blanks, Cylinder parts and Assemblies OEM. Since established, it has focused on the business philosophy of integrity, quality, education and environmental protection. Chichen has grown steadily with the efforts of all employees.

Chichen Kai-Li adherence to business philosophy is “respecting customers and treating guests with sincerity”. To reduce cost and improve the production process, we have constantly innovated and implement of quality control processes. We dedicated to manufacturing Key Blanks, Cylinder parts, and Lock sets. Meeting customer’s demand, we provide full range of service for cost saving, quality and delivery requirement.


公司秉持「以客為尊,待客以誠」的經營理念,不斷創新開發。完整的員工教育訓練, 提升生產技術,落實各項品質管控流程以達到降低成本與製程改善。致力於鑰匙生產、鎖組零件製作,並以全方位的服務,滿足客戶成本、品質,交期的需求。

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