Floss Gift Box 

CL.—Ktfarm Farmers’ Association
AD.—Yu-Shu Chien
I.—Yu-Hsin Chan
D.—Yu-Hsin Chan, Yu-Shu Chien
P.—Lee-Juan Show
While taking ecological environment into consideration, Ktfarm Farmers' Association also spares no effort in offering guidance and lending a hand to the farmers to the supply and marketing of agricultural products. The Association helps push the water chestnuts to the market with a variety of products for the public to discover the beauty of it.

This is a set of water chestnut series products. The sustainable packaging design of the Floss Gift Box simplifies the process of packaging, lowers the demand for resources, and reduces pollution from production; through the optimization of modular design, the packaging form is able to be matched with different products to increase carbon reduction benefits.

Visualizing the brand’s value with continuous images presents the beauty of sustainability of generations. The brand conveys the belief of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, taking the three requirements of ecological environment, crop production and farmers' lives into account.




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