Four Taipei

AD.—Yu-Shu Chien
D.—Yu-Shu Chien, Maybepan
ID.—Cheng Shan Interior Design
P.—Chuan-Shun Huang
Four Taipei is founded by four men who have different culture background. The brand of bar has a goal for sharing simple happiness in a place inside where there is joy, beauty and peace.

The bar is hidden in the old Taipei building, offering different types of bartending which evoke the youthful memories of the study period. At this moment, feeling the heart beating as if you completely free your mind. While there is a Four Taipei, there is a serendipity that we meet.

Four Taipei由四名不同背景的男士所創立,共同以回歸樸實心境,感受單純的快樂為目標的酒吧品牌。隱匿在老台北的大樓裡,隨著不同元素的調酒,喚起學生時期的青春回憶,此刻的心彷彿沒有枷鎖,完全做回真實的面貌。在這裡,每個人都能找尋純真的自己。

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