AD.—Yu-Shu Chien
D.—Yu-Shu Chien
ID.—Cheng-Rung Tsai, Chenh-Lin Tsai, Yu-Shu Chien
P.—Cheng-Rung Tsai, Chao-Hsuan
The Ofucos spirit is taken from the classic line "I'm going on an adventure!" in the movie "Hobbit". It declares that life is an adventure! This world is too big to imagine what we will go through. It’s like the petite hobbit who challenges the majestic journey in the movie which is awesome and creates the spirit of a brilliant page of life. The word "of course" is named as Ofucos which is the core spirit of the team.

Ofucos plays a role as an adventure light, a guide for adventurers.
Steering the rudder to explore every adventure is like guiding the compass to lead the partner and create something different in adventures !Let’s take an adventure without any hesitation and change the world right now!

Ofucos精神取自經典台詞“我要去冒險!” 在電影《霍比特人》中。 它宣告人生就是一場冒險! 這個世界太大了,無法想像我們會經歷什麼。 就像電影中挑戰壯麗旅程的嬌小霍比特人一樣,令人敬畏,創造了人生輝煌一頁的精神。 “當然”一詞被命名為Ofucos,這是團隊的核心精神。


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