D.—Red Chen, Yu-Shu Chien
P.—Cheng-Rung Tsai
Our design has drawn its material from nature elements, also emphasizing on the combination with foreign materials, which moderately creates the natural aesthetics in keeping with modern city. In addition to the existing products such as plants, floral, accessories, also we are developing "Daily necessities" simultaneously and keep searching for the opportunities to link nature, life and beauty as one.

Maintain urban style has always been Third-Floor Studio's main design concept. Those tiny sceneries we changed in your daily lives, which in turn brings a moment of relaxation in a busy day. Our aim is to keep making those changes in the details of our life and while in this modern world hoping to bring the enjoyment of nature to you.

Life in Nature. Enjoy nature, It's that simple.

以「為都市人找回自然」為創作理念出發,在設計上取材自然元素,同時也強調與異材質的結合,適當地創造符合現代都市的自然美學!除既有的植栽、花藝、飾品,同時也漫步開發「 生活小物 」,持續尋找生活中串連自然、生活與美的契機點。


Life in Nature,享受自然也可以這麼簡單。

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